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This is a desk that was apart of the last project I posted: "Maple Murphy bed with Cherry Accents". Sometimes you find a unique piece of material hidden in a bundle of wood. That was the case on this one. As I was pulling the material I came across one with a very cool grain. Don't know how you would classify it, but it was cool. I was going to put it to the side and use something more normal, but I didn't. The only reservation I had using it was, I had to get the entire seen desk parts out of it. Couldn't do half with this any switch over, it would look like a mistake.

I was able to get the entire desk cut out of the one sheet. The only seen part that is not done with it was the inside panels for the pedestals.

Another challenge that I had was how to incorporate cherry into the top. All the edge banded parts, which is everything, is edged with Cherry. The top was going to have a 2 1/4" mitered hardwood added. I didn't want to do that large edge in Cherry, that would be too much Cherry. I decided on inlaying a 1/4" piece between the plywood and maple hardwood. It turned out great! Just enough cherry to tie it in.

Another thing I did different is changed the direction of the grain on the drawer fronts. Normally I run them left to right. This time I rotated them to match the grain direction of the door. I also kept the drawer fronts in sequence so that the train was continuous.

This project was completed in December 2010

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Looks good Chris.


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Looks great as always Chris. Nice work.