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Maloof inspired rocking chair-Walnut w/African Purple Heart-Had proffesional pictures taken of this rocking chair I posted a little while back thought I would share.

Following is taken from my web site:

Our hand made rocking chairs are created with each individual in mind. We custom fit a rocker to your size and shape. Not all rocking chairs fit everyone. Therefore, a taller person may need the rocker elongated, a shorter person may need it smaller and petite to fit them. Our most popular seller is a medium size rocker that fits most individuals in any household. When filling an order, we take all this into account and create a rocker that will make you "the customer" completely happy.

The Back Lumbar support is a very important part of our handmade rocking chair construction. The lower back endures some of the most stress and strain in the body. Therefore, the lower lumbar support when sitting, is very crucial. We test fit ours to be sure that it fits perfectly into that lower back area. We then hand shape each support and fit it into the headrest. We perfer to use firm spindles, versus the "Flex Back" because your back is put into a permanent lumbar supportive position. The "Flex Back" makes your back move and contract while rocking, therefore, making your back constantly compensate for that change. Therefore, this constant movement is not beneficial for the comfort and support of your back. Also, a "Flex Back" allows for to much movement at the joint area, where the spindle and seat meet, and over time will wear out and possibly break.

The curve of the headrest on this custom made rocker ties in the comfort of the lumbar support, since this is where they meet, and your head rests. So the shaping of the headrest is just as important as the seat and the lumbar support. This is where we like to add carved "dog ears" on the top, for an artistic look and feel to the rocker.

Next the armrests need to be situated just right, so they aren't to high or to low. You should be able to gently rest your arms downward, without feeling like your shoulders are raised up into your neck or that you are straining to keep your arms stretched down to the armrest. The whole flow of the rocker from seat, to lumbar, to headrest and armrest should cradle your body in comfort. Then the rocking motion should tie in the whole effect with smooth effortless motion. Our runners are laminated, which gives them added strength and stability. Sometimes we inlay in a different type of wood for an accent. The rocking motion is very important as well. It should be effortless and smooth. When rocking you shouldn't feel like you're going to fall forward or backward. You should feel as one with the rocking chair.

"Want to learn how to make this rocker? Visit our "How to Build a Rocking Chair page for more info.
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Very nice the purpleheart splats and accents reayy make this chair.

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Super work it looks great

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Hi Scott
I'm new to this forum.

And I got to say great craftsmanship, Scott.
Just beautiful, it's a masterpiece.

I have just started trying to make chairs and would love to try my hand at a Maloof rocking chair but at this point I don't know where to start.

Anyone know where I can get instructions or videos on how to make one.