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I must have missed the email about the great mallet exchange.
But I have to show my dual purpose mallet.
I turned it as a practice for making some oak table legs for a customer.
The wood is more of the Indian dontknow I use for most of my work.
This particular piece is incredibly dense, close-grained, and hard.
The grain is so fine it is barely visible.
It is much harder than oak as well, so hard in fact that after I rip about 50 feet of it (2 inches thick) I have to take the 60-tooth carbide blade to the sharpener.
The reddish color is the actual color of the wood.
And the cracks seem to be a characteristic of the wood as well.
I made a document display out of the wood and like the way it looks.
I turned this last April and started beating things with it soon after.
Works like a champ, and no visible dings or dents yet.



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Nice Pete…that jungle wood can really get hard, that is what I need for my froe mallet but the only jungle wood I have is to expensive or nice to use….I like the table leg mallet it works great…

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Good thinking,good job.