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Last year my mom got a nice hammer dulcimer for her birthday, and asked if I could make a folding stand for it. She wanted to be able to play it sitting and standing, so the stand needed a method of adjustment. First, I thought about doing some sort of sliding dovetail and locking pin construction on the secondary base. In the end, since it didn't need to be continuously adjustable, I decided on this hinged folding design to place the dulcimer at a good sitting or standing height.

All the joints are half laps, and I mortised out spots for the hinges with my trim router. The top members slant down at a 10 degree angle, and have poplar dowel pins to hold the dulcimer. The pins are oak dowels with mahogany tops that go through both horizontal members to add some stability when in the "up" position. More pictures below:

I got this mahogany from a guy on CL last year who had it left over from a custom baseboard job. He gave it to me for $1/bf, about 100bf. It's beautiful wood but a lot of it is turning out to be difficult to use for much, as most of it is already in pretty narrow strips and has some twist. I've already made this and an awesome laminated top coffee table out of it, and have about half left. I may end up trying out some segmented turning with the pieces that have the most twist.

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That's a clever solution to the two-level design goal.