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we have been quiet around here lately, not because we are not making stuff, but we had some out of town trade shows, which some of them we did not even make for the gas, but that's another story.

This brooch was done in the laser, it took like 10 passes to eat all that rosewood, and show the white wood underneath it, probably because i did not make that front wood thin enough
and as we don't have a laser, we had to take that to a trophy making shop where they did that for us, quite expensive as it took that many passes.

i have done other ones in the scroll saw but they are not the same, i can not get those tiny letter right, and i have to make them a little bigger.
i used 4 1/4×1/16 rare earth magnets, as these small magnets are quite strong and the brooch hold quite well in the clothes.




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Nice looking broach, Nayo. I hear ya about the tiny letters on the scroll saw! I'm not familiar with layering wood. How much thickness does each pass take? Thanks for sharing.

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thanks Candy
i cant tell for sure, but the piece that was being burned was like 1/16 of an inch, and it took around 8~10 pases, so i did not remove much. maybe 0.16 mm each pass.