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Project Information

Wood And Materials Used
Firewood and shop scraps Mostly oak. Bamboo skewers were used to make the pegs.
Tools Used
Miter saw, table saw, sanders, drill, clamps, and even the wooden shop mallet were all used.
Aloha Oregon
Watched grandson using a bunch of napkins to hold his phone on the table while snacking! I decided that there can be a better way. So here is the result.
Wanted it to work at different angles so the edge clip is 2 different distances away from the napkin holder sides.

I also used felt feet on the bottom to keep it from scratching anything.

Used bamboo pegs and glue for the fastenings, no metal at all.

I also wanted it very unique in appearance. So the verticals were put at strange angles from what would be normal.
Lightly torched to bring out the grain and then used 3 coats of a clear finish.


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