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Workshop Information

United States
Currently confined to our two car garage (which we still try to park at least one vehicle in), my "shop" mostly consists of tools that can be folded up and/or rolled out of the way.

Some Tools:
- DeWalt 12" dual bevel compound miter saw (on Rigid MS-UV Miter Saw Utility Vehicle stand, much better than dewalts stand in my opinion…)

- Rigid 10" Table Saw (on Rigid TS-UV)

- Bosch 2.25HP router with fixed base, plunge base and dedicated base in Rockler offset router table, with Incra universal positioning system - this is by far my favorite tool that I own.

- Grizzly 6" jointer, given to me by my father, still "calibrating" the thing…

- Valuecraft 8" drill press

- DeWalt 18V cordless set with 2 drills, jigsaw, recip saw, circ saw, grinder, light AND my newest addition, the cordless 16 ga. finish nailer (which is awesome) - I could not say enough good things about these cordless tools, they all perform very well for home enthusiast tools and battery run time is great

- A smattering of clamps, chisels, rules, sanders, hand saws, jigs and other nifty little things (my wife says I have an addiction to rockler…)

- One of the coolest jigs I have is a dowling jig, inspired slightly by the joint-genie, that my friend Kurt made me out of aluminum and case hardened guide bushings. This is an extremely versatile little chunk of metal that lets me join almost anything accurately and quickly with dowels. It was made out of scrap metal (except the guide bushings) that Kurt milled to my specifications, and it works awesome. Thanks Kurt!

Wish List:
Grizzly 12.5" Planer
Grizzly 14" Ultimate Bandsaw
Rockler Dust Right dust collection system
Kreg K4 Pocket Hole System
Rockler HVLP Sprayer
Bessey K Revo Parallel Clamp Kit
Detached garage/workshop??



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Jason, you have a nice shop space in which to work. Bummer about having to "share" it with the cars and other non-essentials though. I am glad that we added a third garage in the walkout basement which I converted into a shop. I can assure you that if I tried to get my wife to "relinquish" her garage space so that I could set up a shop in there I would be out in the weather before her vehicle would.

You appear to have organized your space well and you have some nice tools to play with as well.

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed visiting your shop.