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The Lost Weekend Chest is the sequel to the Lost Day Chest. This chest is about three times the size and like The Lost Day this is a "Stem to Stern" styled piece in which the entire interior space is filled with secret compartments and wooden locking systems.

One thing puzzler's love is a challenge and I believe this customer took about 33 hours to open this chest and find the silver treasure burried within the deepest and most difficult to reach secret compartments. One great element to a good puzzle is that there should be a few "Red Herrings" which are elements that appear to have a function or purpose but they do not. In this case, one of the great red herrings is that the chest lid never actually opens, it feels like it does but will only ever have 1/8" travel.

The dial seen on front is the only exterior affect to be had, though there are a few tools to be found hidden about the exterior of the chest. The challenge here is to remove the outer shell via access to the two different working mechanisms that are inlaid to the inside of the outer chest and interact with the grooves on the inside of the outer chest with the "H" shaped inner chest.

From here there are a myriad of mathematical equations to sort out in order to find just the right entry code to the next stage of entry. Access isn't so easy as there are multiple locking systems acting upon a single compartment which makes it really difficult to know if you have solved each one as you can't test because the compartment is still locked by other devices.

Yes, I am very devious in my attempt to entertain and confound. ;)

If you would like to read what the customer said about this chest, click here:



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I haven't seen anything like this before. Nice job.

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Thanks dnick.