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My son asked me to build him this table. He wanted it long skinny to fit behind his couch, so he can put drinks or other things on it.

It is the biggest table I have ever built. The table top is 64" long and 18" wide.

I used red oak, with Behlen's grain filler on the top and shelf.

Because it is relatively long, I added a support piece under the shelf to keep it from deflecting with heavy loads on the shelf.

I had to combine two of my pipe clamps using a 1/2" coupling, to get clamps long enough to clamp it.

He also wanted the square legs spruced a little with beading. I bought a beading router bit to dress up the legs.

He also chose the color, which is a cherry stain applied to red oak.

To see all of my trials & tribulations of building this long table, see my web site.



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Looks great .very well done.