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I turned this hollow vessel from a piece of Live Oak that was cut down due to safety issues. I had intended to make this bigger but there were bad and punky spots on it and it ended up to be approximately a 6" globe. The wood that still looks un-dyed around the hole was treated with thin CA glue cause the wood was soft and punky and after putting the CA on it was strong and I liked the effect of un-dyed part. The wall thickness near the top half is about 1/8" and the bottom half is about 3/16". I am going to add weighted pellets to the bottom of the bowl to keep it from rolling off the display shelf. I used leather dyes to create the colors. It was finished with wipe on poly.

I welcome your comments and feedbacks. Thanks for looking!




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Nice round hollow form. Well done. Hope it doesn't crack on you…........

This would look very nice on top of a nice thinly turned pedistal…......