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I've made a couple of these vanities and the live edge with the bark is very popular. When making the frame for the mirror I start with over width material and measurements are taken from where the bark meets the wood because that's where you want things to meet up. I usually make the pieces extra long when I'm trying to get all the angle right because they may not be exactly 45 degrees. This makes a slightly oversize frame but once I know what the angles are I can then shorten each piece to make the size of frame I want. Once the frame is made I plane the edges as required to get the final width I want on each piece. All the material in the frame should come from the same slab so the bark slope is the same for each piece.
The pine I used was air dried. The bark shrank more than the wood but was still firmly attached. In fact removing this bark is an arduous task.



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That looks great. I appreciate the details you included about your bark edge mirror frame process.