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Back in 2018, I designed and made a stained glass window which is a scale model of Fairbury's old city hall. It was a challenge to figure out how to do the lettering and the clock hands!! It turned out nice, but I am out of outside window glass area to display it.

Also a few years ago, I figured out how to LED light a Bluebird panel that is on display at the Connection Center in Chatsworth. So, why not LED light up the Old City Hall stained glass panel so I can hang it on any wall?

I made a wood box to hold the stained glass panel, then wrapped 2 turns of LED strip lighting with 300 LED lights around the inside of the box…....which is painted white to reflect the light.

I don't trust the sticky tape side of the LED strip to last for years and years, so I added special plastic clips with screws to retain the LED strips in their correct location.

I was nervous whether I would have enough LED light or not, but it turned out perfect today :)

See my woodworking web site for more details on how I designed and built this project.




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Nice display box, Dale! I've got a couple strips of LED lights I keep meaning to use, and a neighbor does stained glass…

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I'm a big fan of those LED strips,A few of my projects use them for lighting up some of the wife's glass work.

Best thing is they are darn inexpensive and you can get different densities for more/less light. Also used them for under cabinet lighting in the kitchen.

Several small footprint options available for dimming as well.

Nice upgrade for your artwork!