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Project Information

It's an epidemic ! Leadlights & their ideas being used all over LJs.
Not exactly a pattern, the inspiration was photo 2.
Probably used copper for the 3rd foreground because it was orange
in the photo. Foregrounds 1 & 2 are brass-color: the smooth one
cut from a biscuit tin, and the textured one is butter packaging.

Used straight-grain veneer for the verticals, curly for the top/bottom,
similar (i thought ! ) to the photo.

As we all know, there has to be backing-veneer, so I "practiced"
alternate-diagonals that I'd been meaning to try out.
Don't look too close! it didnt come out precisely centered with the top.

Box body is American walnut. About 24×20 cm.



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Looks great

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Your work is really outside the box (no pun intended), and it turns out Beautifully!