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Project Information

I wanted a place to keep the lawn and garden items. It seems like I have hose nozzles, rakes and shovels everywhere. This was fun/aggravating because I didn't have plans; I went off the top of my head. I am happy with how it came out but there are a few things that didn't come out right that will always bother me. But I guess that is how it goes. I am torn on if I should put doors on the front of the broom and rake storage area. It will give it a more finished look, so I probably will; I will update if I do.



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This is a perfect cabinet in my eyes! I love the great use of space which is so key to organization. I may have to borrow your idea for sometime this winter. I love gardening and my boyfriend says I have too much stuff. My favorite thing here is the pullout cabinets. Everything remains visible that way. Awesome!!!!!!