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Laser/CNC projects using Sketchup
Boys and Girls,

Many new members may be intimidated by this ugly creature,

However, rest assure I only wish to share my knowledge.

My forte, above being a son of a Hungarian Fern Cutter (no ferns in Hungary, so we were poor), is I've never mastered, but come to grips with Sketchup. I bought the Pro version so I could easily create 1:1 scale PDF drawings that I can import into Coreldraw and print directly to my Trotec laser.

Without more BS, you can check out my contributions, and decide for yourself whether I can be of help.

I can be contacted directly trough PM's, though seldom monitored, or directly at, [email protected]
[email protected].

Before we all freckle (the s... hits the fan), my intention is to share what little I know, and maybe in 1,000 years time, my puzzles will still confuse the idiots of the time.

Keep safe Jocks... and your Jocks safe!


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