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Project Information

I made a large tambour (102cm x 68cm) with the Amana tambour set. Thanks, lockdown.

The tambour itself is pretty routine (there are plenty of posts here on that), except maybe the relatively large size. I went by the instructions (i.e. milled the wood to exactly what they said) and it worked great. It was a lot of steps but it was not complicated. I needed 41 actual tambours. (Some will inevitably get ruined so make more than you think).

I wanted to contribute what I think is a cool innovation (if this is "duh", I apologize) that allowed me to complete the cabinet, and only later install the tambour.

The TV cabinet itself is part of a large living room unit (measuring 270cm x 220cm), that I made over 15 years ago, sized to fit a 32 inch CRT TV, with doors using the Blum pocket door mechanism to cover it. (We keep the Jewish Sabbath and prefer to cover it then).

Now, years later, TV's got thinner and bigger, and the unit was kinda deep, looming disproportionately large in our small living room. So I took the entire unit apart, cut down everything by ~15cm (to make the entire unit shallower), and re-engineered the middle section so as to now fit a 43 inch TV. However, the pocket door mechanism is now useless (what with the TV opening wide and less deep), so I came up with making a tambour.

The problem was, the tambour project was a totally different project than the unit renovation. So I needed a way to finish the unit with the slots/grooves for the tambour already in place, and still have a way to put in the tambour later.

After this huge intro, here is a short vid (under 5 min) showing the making of the tambour and how I was able to insert the tambour into the carcass. It involved making a secondary inside support system with a large cutout and the slots for the tambour reaching the cutout. OK, see the pics, it's pretty clear.




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Neat… and BIG!

Bought the Amana set many, many years ago… but never had the guts (or the purpose) to put it into action.