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This is my first project posting - so be kind!

These are two large bookcases I built about 5 yrs ago to hold all of the large wedding invitation albums at my family's print shop. It's all oak, the sides and and shelves are plywood. It had to be about 15" deep to hold the large binders. I have to say they work great and it sure beats having them stick out on a standard bookshelf! I made a face frame out of solid oak to hide the plywood edges. Standard solid oak molding from the big box store here in town dressed the top and bottom, casing for the bottom and crown for the top.

I joined the pieces simply with long screws in deep countersunk holes that I plugged. I bought a plug cutting bit and this was my first attempt at them. Next time I will try to select areas with grain that will match the area better but even without doing that the plugs disappear good enough for me. Or maybe next time I'll have a pocket screw jig or try my hand at M&T! I do have a biscuit joiner now that I could use to join the face to the sides.

I stained them with Minwax English Walnut and gave it a few coats of satin poly. I'm proud of them as one of my first real furniture attempts, I sure learned a lot.

Thanks for looking! I mean to post more soon



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You did a really nice job on these