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I have some oil lanterns I take camping with me. I got them years ago when I was more active camping SCA style. They are ceramic and they are a nice warm flame about 40 watts. I find I like them far more then the brightness of the Coleman lanterns so I use them at our families yearly cousin camp outs as well (cousin camp cause we cousins realized seeing each other at weddings and funerals only was not optimal so now we see each other at least once a year at fun times too and the kids get to bond). For years they traveled in some cheap plastic boxes that were falling apart.

Last year while making my camp kitchen stuff I came across several articles and posts on the Japanese style tool boxes and thought they looked like awesome travel boxes. I could make 2 the same size and they could each hold two lanterns. Also, I needed to make them cheap.

They are made from 2 boards of Cedar Dog Ear Fence Picket I picked up at Home Depot. I left bake in the sun in the back of my truck for a few weeks (i.e. to lazy to take them out) until they dried out a little. Ran them through my planer until smooth on both sides.

No measurements. They are sized from putting two of the lanterns next to each other and marking lines off that. Glued and nailed gunned together. My daughter enjoined shooting the nail gun. I thought about trying something fancy to wedge the lid on but they hold just fine with friction. I used random exterior deck stain I had on the shelf from an earlier outdoor project. The box also makes a great stand for raising one of the lamps off the table as well.

These boxes were great traveling. They packed well, were light and I wasn't so worried about something falling and crushing them like the previous boxes. Plus they weren't so 'plastic bright' and they stacked nicely in the bed of the truck. I have a few other things that need boxes I will be doing the same for in my 'copious spare time'



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