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United States
20 years in this house and it looks like I finally may be getting it right.

Big basement area with furnace, water heater and chimney smack in the middle, so I basically have 2 rooms, 1 for cutting, routing, etc. The other for assembly, glue up, and finish.

My problem has always been effective dust collection, so I'm really trying to focus energies on proper dust collection connections and a layout that makes the best use of my undersized collector. Being in the basement of a 110+ year old house, it's a constant struggle keeping the place remotely clean.

Other than that, as a former woodworking teacher, I'm finally getting some time to utilize the tools I've collected over the years and get back to what is a major stress release.

When the weather gets warm, I also spend time restoring a 1973 BMW 3.0cs. Between woodworking and car work, I've got plenty for my wife to worry about.



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Nice shop and some good tools too.