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Project Information

Here is the 2nd chair I made in 2007 and I found this one more challenging because so much of it was done with spokeshave and I learned a lot about the grain of wood. Once the wood was split, shaved with a drawer knife then shaped to the slimmer top part of the back legs which are the back frame as well bent using the steam bend method. The back slats were done in the same way and you can see the use of the old frame saw which was much easier to use than a conventional saw for me.
There was a LOT of sanding and my hands and arms got stronger after doing this for a couple of days.The arm rests were the cause of the grain lessons trying to spokeshave the curve in the arms. I finished it off with two small finials turned on the pole lathe.
The seat took me a day to do and had to complete it at home using paper rafia - a thick twisted brown paper and reaonsbaly easy to work with but 50 metresof it took time and was hard on the hands pulling it in tension.
This one was really my pride and joy as it is very ladylike but strong.



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beautiful chair. you certainly should be proud of it!