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Just finished another rocker this time I used 8/4 lace wood, I purchased the wood at Burlington exotic wood and I'm very happy with the quality of the lumber.

The wood was great to work with which I did't know how it would be as this is my first experience with it, I will say lot's of fine dust!

These pictures are just before wiping of the second coat of 3 part finish

I used walnut for the plugs and walnut in the rockers as a highlight



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Wow thank you all for the comments, I was also blown away by the grain and flakes I had to get these pics up on here to show you all I will finish it as a semi gloss I think maybe even satin so it will not be as glossy as these pictures, but who knows maybe i'll finish it with gloss, I kinda let the chair tell me how it wants to be finished.

The wood is 8/4 lacewood quatersawn from brazil, it was at my local wood place for $10bft. 8/4 walnut is actually more expensive here, is it not so other place, what your price for lacewood around you guys?

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