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Project Information

I have no shop, and no space for something as large as a normal saw bench. So I've taken on the challenge of building a knock-down saw bench that is still stable and not too much of a pain to set up. It's much more comfy (and useful) than my Workmate for such things. It might even be more stable, since it involves sitting on the bench, or otherwise providing human pressure, while you're cutting. Time will tell.

A bonus is that the notches cut out for the leg supports provide a means for joining 2 legs back-to-back for stowing, so there are only 3 pieces to move around for setup.

Here are a few shots of the construction, and one shot of me ripping a 1.5" chunk of doug-fir in half. I don't know if I could have done it before, but I know that I never tried. :)



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This is exactly what I've been needing. Nice project. I'm going to build one this next week. Thanks for the cool idea.