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This knife was a commissioned piece, so it has been "SOLD"

If you would like something similar made for you, please email me.

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> Blade: 3-1/2" Long, 3/4" wide, 1/8" thick, hand crafted forged carbon steel Damascus Steel
> Handguard: Yellow Brass
> Handle: Kansas Whitetail Deer
> Laser Engraved, with Customer's Business Name
> Handle Cap: Authentic Arizona Turquoise Stone Nugget
> Sheath: Top Grained Leather, hand stitched with waxed synthetic sinew, American Bison Hair-on Leather

Project Story:

This knife and sheath are built to be carried on the left side, horizontal position. The antler is Kansas Whitetail Deer, and the hand guard is yellow brass. The Sheath has Kansas raised American Bison hair-on leather that I scraped and salted, and then had someone else tan the leather for me.

Thanks for looking,
Mark DeCou

Custom Knife Sample Slide Show (click the Speaker icon for music)

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(Note: All photos, project design, and text is protected by copyright 2009 by the author M.A. DeCou, all rights reserved, no unauthorized use of this material in whole, or part is allowed without expressed written permission.)



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what a beauitful knife..i love the leather and buff hide….....

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Darn fine piece of hardware and web page is very well done. Great job!

I've been looking at a building a wood carving knife (to add another dimension to my lathe turnings)...and have been looking at different folks interpretations…..Although yours is more of a hunting rig…it is most beautiful.

I am looking at finding a straight razor and adapting that for the blade. This way the handle can be customized for my hand vs the general one size fits all….

If you come accross any knife blanks of that nature….I would love to work it into a useful blade.

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Another great one Mark.

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As ever, you are a craftsman of the highest order, bar none! Simply exquisite and intricately functional. thank you for posting this.


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Mark, Beautiful work. Are you making the damascus. I have been working on a hand plane out of it and could use some pointers how to bring out the "grain". Thanks in advance.

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You never cease to amaze me old friend. What beautiful work. Hope all is well with you and the family. What did you ever make with the caribou horn? Or haven't you found anything small enough yet? lol. GB m

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Another work of art as always! Thanks for posting.

God Bless