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Wood And Materials Used
Red Oak, Walnut, Mystery Hardwood
Tools Used
All of Them
A commision piece from a friend. She wanted a lidded case that her son could keep a pocket knife collection in to keep it out of reach of inquisitive little hands. I went with on hand materials and a little bit of hardware from Amazon. I built the whole box out of 1/2" stock with the lid insert milled to 1/4". The lid panel is walnut and "Mystery wood" I acquired from a friend, not sure what it is but I like the grain and color. I built the mitered box whole , splined the corners and then cut the lid off. The dividers are red oak milled to 1/8". All in all a fun project with a few hidden challenges.
EDIT: Photo added of the top of the box.



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It would be nice to see a picture of the lid with the box closed. ;)

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Nice work, I like the splines, adds a nice touch.