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Workshop Information

Asallam o alaikum
My workshop is finally comeing together. The tools are in place and the benches and tool boxes are almost done. The bench is a German/english hybrid made from stack laminated ply for the base and apron and a 3 inch thick torsion box for the top. It measures just under 8 ft long and 2ft 6inch wide with a tool tray ( because i,m an untidy worker) The tool box is 3 piece with a traditional chest style top, a middle section that will have drawers for hardware and a bottom drawer for power tools. The saws, jointer, bandsaw, drill press and dust collectors are all chinese made and have a couple of small problems but are generally well made. A Bosch 1600a router has been fitted to the saw table since the pics were taken There,s 1000bd/ft of Gmelina in the corner as well as some Palochina (pine) so i,m good to go. Now I just need customers!



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Why not post a picture of your sign, and of some display items? It'll be especially helpful in distinguishing your shop's style from the "made to order antique" neighbors.

And once some of your display items are finished, some high resolution shots of them with proper lighting and a clean background will really be great for showing off your style and skill.