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This table was commissioned by a co-worker for his mother. All the dimensions were determined by the the client including the unusual height. When designing this table, I decided to use long tapers on the inside edges of the legs to give the table less of a blocky look and feel. The table is constructed entirely of ash with poplar sides and a plywood bottom for the drawers. The plywood used for the bottom is the cheapest you can get at Lowe's but I love the red striated pattern especially for items like this, it just gives that extra little bit of interest when you open the drawer. I used a locking rabbet joint for construction of the drawers. The drawer slides are also shop made and designed so that there is no weight placed on the thin bottom apron. The legs and apron are joined with floating tenons courtesy of the Festool domino. The grain match on the top panel turned out pretty nice even though it wasn't entirely on purpose. The clients were very pleased with this piece.



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Nice design and execution. Looks pretty good.