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Project Information

I made a King Sized Headboard a few years ago. It was my first large project when we moved into our new house. The bedroom isn't large enough for a footboard and rails, so I just made the Headboard. It's Red Oak. With a Red Oak stain and 6 coats of Gloss Poly. There are no mechanical fasteners in it at all. just the brackets holding it to the wall.
The columns are hollow. I put them together with biscuits. The panel is held together with biscuits. The columns are held on to the panel with dowels. I made the design in the panel freehand with a router. And yes, that is about as difficult as it sounds :) The design was all mine from my head. If you are a Sci-Fi fan, you will recognize the symbol, and what the tops of the columns resemble.
Sorry about the quality of the pictures. I didn't own a digital camera back then, and used a polaroid for my projects.



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Okay, I give up, and yes I'm a sci-fi fan. What's the symbol?
Nice headboard, btw. I like just attaching it to a wall. Much easier than all that extra hardware.