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Project Information

I had some kids with too much energy and a spare 1-1/4" hard maple dowel so I decided to make a gymnastics bar to burn some energy on rainy days. It gave mom and dad another quiet hour so I'll take it!

I'm finding these scrap wood challenges pretty fun. This was my last 4×2x4's on my rack. Rather poor quality ones too. But we made it work.

I didn't have a 1-1/4" bit to make the holes so I drilled them 3/4 on the drill press, then jigsawed out most of the waste and finished them on the spindle sander. I think they turned out great. The sharp corners got a little shaping at the bandsaw and everything got a 1/4" round over at the end.

This is probably a no-brainer for you 'jocks but I'm proud of my little pin attachment for the bar - I had to come up with some way of immobilizing the bar while keeping the legs at the right distance apart. I was trying to figure out a big elaborate key system and eventually realized just a simple pin would accomplish both tasks. Haha, sometimes the simplest solutions take the most brainpower.

Anyways, not very pretty, but quick and easy and the kids love it. It's already been a gymnastics bar, a rocket ship, and a bottomless pit. Oh to have the imagination of a child.

Edit: here's another look at the pins, and the whole thing with the pillows removed. I'm not really find of having these stretchers vertically but they're needed to keep the legs from splaying and they provide a bit of rigidity this way too. I just try to put the pillows directly over them… Keeping fingers crossed for no injuries.



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Very cool - I like the idea and might end up doing this before next winter.