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Two names are carved in one of the 19+ fine woods I stock, Minitag style, and then pressure bonded atop each other. The woods pictured are (in order) Cocobolo, Cumaru, Maple and Red Oak. Other woods to follow.

The ♥ is carved adjacent to the name that I feel will balance the piece, and is colored with a non-toxic acrylic red ink. The assembled piece is then finished with three coats of clear lacquer.

The letters are approximately .375 inch tall x .25 inch thick, by however long the names are. Once bonded together, the overall height is about .75 inch.

The freehand letter style is one I have developed over 28+ years for strength and legibility. They are done on a 35 year old Sears bandsaw.

No computer bytes were harmed in production of these these.



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"No computer bytes were harmed"
A hearty Mork from Ork laugh for the humor. AR AR AR AR!

you know, Mork from Mindy? Anybody? Anybody? Bueller? hello…..

Am I that old?

Nice work Dusty.

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Another good job

I like the love piece

I 'm again in practice but I works better than the first try
It's a long to the top …...........

Thanks for sharing

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OUTSTANDING! They look great. Not only do I like the style of the lettering but it has a nice modern look to it.