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Workshop Information

United States
My shop is in a 1 1/2 car garage (300+ square feet).

I have a fairly basic mobile workbench that I'm using to get by with until I build a split-top Roubo (my Winter 2013/2014 project). The workbench is essentially a heavy antique dining room table that I've clamped a 2-inch thick top to and placed on locking caster wheels and functions as an outfeed surface for my table saw. When the Roubo is complete, I'm going to use the old one for my bench-size power tools. I have a Ridgid R4512 table saw, a drill press, miter saw, 13" planer, and plan on adding a band saw and jointer to the mix at some point. As much as I want a reliable and complete set of powered tools, I've been focusing more on acquiring and building an even more comprehensive set of hand tools and the techniques to use them properly. At the time of this writing, I've been woodworking for a little over a year.

Occasionally, I keep a computer down there on a mobile laptop stand. It's networked to my office computer upstairs, so I can easily draw up Sketchup plans and access them in the shop. Usually though, the computer is used for Netflix and Spotify. With a little music, the space heater on and maybe a drop or two of whiskey, it's a very comfortable space to work in.


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