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Learning to make a box. This is a box made out of walnut with a maple handle. The box is mitered with maple splines. The top is a small piece of figured walnut. The hinges are small barrel hinges. Joints weren't that tight, had some tear out, the barrel hinges aren't lined up perfectly and the spline in the top is not centered. Overall I would give it a C-...but hey, I learned some things. The next one should be much better and I have a spline jig to use over again.



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Gregg, nice job. I would raise your grade. I like your sense of style and the woods you chose. Looks like you have mastered all of the basics. In the spirit of sharing you might look at this index for some hints about jigs and boxmaking techniques.

Keep boxing and keep posting.

Tutorials: For methods used to make a box like the one pictured above just click on the blue links below. They are arranged by topic.

Making a jig to cut spline slots:
Jig for 45ing corners:
Making splines with a simple jig:
Finishing tips:
$5 band clamps:
Combining Wood Colors:
Sizing Tea Boxes and Dividers From Venetian Blinds
Making Kleenex boxes:
Routers and Rounding edges
Why round box corners?
Organizing a glue-up table:
Adding splines to a box:
Measuring for spline slot cuts:
Installing an attached top: like that pictured above.
Cutting off the box top and sizing piano hinges
Adding finger indents:
More about finger indents.
Mortising and installing hinges:
Tips on making sliding trays: for inside boxes:
Swapping Wood By Mail:
Making a serving tray with angled sides.
Roy Underhill's tool tote.


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Very attractive even though you're slightly critical-wait a couple of weeks and come back. You'll be amazed how much better it looks.

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What a meanie!! I am glad I dont have to bring my shool report home to show you !!!
So a complete ressessment is in order:

Learning to make a box. A for effort as a start
This is a box made out of walnut with a maple handle. Selection of timber A
The box is mitered with maple splines. The bain of all woodworkers to get closed up and tight B+
The top is a small piece of figured walnut. A+
the barrel hinges aren't lined up perfectly Great hinges but again meticulous care is required to install them. B+
Joints weren't that tight, C+ will improve with practice.
some tear out, C+ (as above)
the spline in the top is not centered. C+ (more attention to setting up the jig required)

The Spline Jig A+

Display of Project pictures C-...there are two excellent shots missing !!

Looking forward to the next post !!

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First off the splines don't necessarily have to be centered. I kind of like the position of yours. Hinges are a bear. Those barrel hinges in particular. Figure out which way they gotta go to fix; over drill the hole shim.with veneer OR glue in a dowel and redo. Tearout is a drag and a great place for a spline.
Overall you are too harsh a critic.
Nice box.

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1st, this is not "just a box". It looks purdee darn good to me. Lotsa nice details. I agree with what jumbo said also.

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Very nice box- nice choice of wood for the lid.

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Thanks for the kind words all. The size of the box is 4"W x 9L x 5"H. I did my next box which was a chisel box. Different kind of box with dovetails. It turned out much better. I expect improvement in the next box as well. Will keep doing until I get it right. That will be the one I keep ;)