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Workshop Information

United States
Updated October 2017

I moved in April. My new home has a three car garage; two of the bays are dedicated to my wood shop. Yay! My wife's cousin and I, in the coming months, will put up a wall to separate the one bay for my wife to park in. This will not only add more wall space for cabinets and tool storage, but it'll keep the sawdust out of her car and help prevent dust from getting into the house (entry to the house is through bay one, hers).

Many of my tools have changed since I last posted here.

1920 American Woodworker 8" jointer. Runs like new after I replaced the dead motor with a new 2hp Leeson
1941 Delta 17" drill press
1955 Craftsman belt/disc sander
1958 Powermatic 100 12" planer
1959 DeWalt 1030 radial arm saw
1993 Powermatic 66 table saw with Incra TS-LS fence system
1994 Delta 14" bandsaw

I'm getting into hand tool use, particularly hand planes. After I complete the table I'm working on for the missus, a wall hand tool cabinet is next on my to-do list.

I'm in the process of wiring it. I have 110 and 220 all around, but still need to add in a few more outlets to finish the power circuits. After that I'll add a switched circuit for a pair of air scrubbers and ceiling fans.

I'm loving it!


My workshop is my garage. It's a single car width, but deep enough for almost two cars to fit into. It is my man cave and is dedicated to my ww'ing and motorcycling addictions.

It's ugly.

The walls are finished, after a fashion, and most of the bare surfaces are painted with white to help brighten it. I have a truly ugly 80's vintage ceiling fan hanging over my lathe to help move air around, as it gets dreadfully hot in MD in the summer. No flatwork goes on under it, so it's safe from planks of rough lumber.

I'm an admitted dumpster diver and have outfitted my shop with lighting scavenged from work dumpsters. Most of the lighting fixtures are from desks being dismantled and discarded, so I took them and hung them where ever there was enough space for them to fit. It's haphazard, but it's well lit!

My tools include a CL find '71 Rockwell 3ph lathe that I added a converter to so it'll run on 1ph power, which now gives me infinite VS from 0-3000 rpm. My table saw is a Rigid TS2424; not a wonderful saw, but it works great for my needs. I'm about to go pick up a '77 Rockwell Model 10 saw from a friend that needs some TLC to get into running shape. I built a router table for my Bosch 1617EVS router using Rockler's router top and fence system. My BS is a recent vintage Delta 14" with several add-ons that I bought from another turner over on a few years ago. I have several hand planes and all the accompanying stuff for them, but never get the time to get good at using them, so they are in cabinets until I retire. I have a basic Delta DC system that a buddy gave me for the amazing price of "come and get it". The starter cap is out on it, so I just bump start it by hand. It works great for my needs, otherwise. The same buddy also gave me a Jet mini lathe with a burned out motor. I'll eventually put a new motor on it and turn it into a buffing station. My planer is a used Rigid benchtop that I found on CL (see a pattern here?) for dirt cheap. My RAS is an older DeWalt that I found on CL-the seller was in his 50's and was selling his late father's ww'ing equipment that had been in his garage for at least a decade.

I don't own very many tools that I bought new…I have a benchtop Delta drill press that I should have found used, and a DeWalt ROS. And then there are all the accessories for the lathe…that thing IS the devil…



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More like enough tools to make a huge mess!

Thanks for the welcome!

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Well, it appears that my shop just underwent a HUGE change! I just picked up nearly all the tools from a closed-down cabinet shop; I'll edit this as I clean and set up the stuff.