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United States
I have to admit I am a bit of a machine junkie. My tiny shop has gone through lot of changes, and it always seems like there are more machines crammed into it than there should be. I am ashamed to admit there have been times when, almost immediately after purchasing some machine, I had to ask myself "why?"-like the time I bought an antique gear head engine lathe at an industrial auction. My latest acquisition was an Onsrud inverted pin router-haven't actually made anything with it yet, but you can bet I have big plans!

The biggest problem I have in my workshop, besides sometimes nearly out of control machine lust, is lack of space. Trying to organize, arrange and make room for everything has been an ongoing challenge. I have had to sell off some wonderful machines because I didn't use them often enough to justify keeping them around-I know if I had the space I would have kept them all!



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