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This project is one that I've done before, mostly I've made these for friends/other woodworkers who were either just starting out or wanting to get into Japanese woodworking. This one will be used to store my growing collection of shoji making tools and specialty planes.

One thing that was a fantastic surprise was the quality of the 2×6 I purchased. I got it because it was the clearest piece that the borg had, but I hadn't realized exactly how clear it was, needless to say it made planing a breeze for this project.

The construction could not be simpler. Wood used was borg purchased western red cedar, a single 2×6 x 8, and a few extra pieces of 2×4 cedar scrap. All assembled with cut nails and backed up with fish glue.

The design is based off of the Toshio Odate drawings but with some changes. I left the little grips off the side since I plan on adding some metal handles to this one later on.

The tool wall is made using the cutoffs from the lid. I simply pre-drilled the holes, then tapped them into the lid but not through it, backed it up with a little bit of glue and it holds like a champ. The handle on the lid is chamfered and the side of the box matches this chamfer so it holds it in place with no weeble wobble. You can easily modify it to hold whatever tools you need, but I find that marking gauges are tools that I often need to just grab and go.

I beveled the edges on the sides to hold my kanna a bit more sturdily than if it was just left square. I didn't show it on camera but both sides are beveled to accept the lid so it can be setup however you wish.

Anyways, if you do make one of these, be sure to make it work for your space. If you need a big one, scale it up, if you need a smaller one, scale it down.

Thanks for reading/watching!



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Clever! I love this style of toolbox. Neat looking, useful, easy to make. I have made one and plan make another. Might even include your lid idea.

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when this style of box is assembled, do we want the bottom to fit between the side pieces (same as top), or do we want it to fit under the sides & ends?