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For practical reasons & to save time, this charcuterie board project started with a premade heavy duty Bamboo cutting board I purchased online.

I made a "floating" base so that at first glance the board looks unsupported. The style is to pay homage to the headers you may see in Japanese timber framing. I chose Quarter Sawn White Oak for the wood. Pocket Hole screws were used for joining the pieces together. And, instead of black laquer I "Ebonized" the wood with a home made iron & vinegar mixture & tannin rich tea made of powdered bark & hot tap water. This colored the wood a deep rich black tone. Then a top coat of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal was brushed on. The bamboo board was finished with Howard's Butcher Block Conditioner.



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I like it!!! I prefer homemade ebonizing solution (iron acetate). It penetrates the wood much further than an ebony stain.

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very should have removed the ikea brand though,cheapens it imo.

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So cool!

That really looks great…nice piece…well done…

Never heard of that ebonizing technic , should look that up…you you can do that with these computer things, I'm told…