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This was a project I had been really wanting to try, this is the first one I've made and it's not perfect, but it's nothing that a little fiddling won't fix.

I had really wanted a marking/cutting gauge just for general use and for my joinery work (which still needs alot of work) and I didn't want a western/european style one, being as I love all things Japanese I really had to have a japanese style one.

I had seen were Mafe-san had made one some time ago, and I really enjoyed reading about him make his so I endeavored to do the same. Thanks for the inspiration Mafe!

The blade (x-acto blade) is held in with a little wedge, and if I want to make deeper cuts I have made a couple of different sized ones that hold the blade deeper/shallower. if I want to make a deep cut I just remove the blade, and re-insert it with the different sized wedge, and off you go.

Pretty fun project and it only took a short while, I love projects like this where you get to start and finish it in the morning, and then be using it to make something else in the evening.

Thanks for reading/watching! Hopefully this tool will last a while.




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Nice gauge, it looked big and heavy until a saw the Exacto blade. LOL

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very nice!

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I like it a lot. Especially the captive wedge.