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Janet had a birthday approaching, and I thought I should get into the shed and make something nice for her. Here in Tasmania we have a wonderful timber called Huon pine. It's used by boatbuilders because it won't rot and it's great to work with, giving a beautiful smooth finish.

Anyway I'm a member of a Men's Shed where you can learn and make stuff with all the tools and equipment you can imagine, but don't necessarily have in your own shed.

The pieces of undressed wood don't look impressive at all. But give them some attention and a smooth finish, and the inner beauty is revealed.

This was the first frame I had made for a long time - since high school I think. I'd forgotten about measuring the diagonals to check the square, but one of my friends at the shed reminded me. (How helpful was that?)

Have to say that I was pleased with the finished product, and more importantly, so was Janet.



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Nicely done.
She should be very happy with your gift.