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Workshop Information

United States
let me start by saying that I know how extremely lucky I am to be able to work out of this workshop not only for my job but also for personal projects I have complete access to all equipment and I'm very blessed. I'm also very lucky to have a mentor to teach me everything he's amazing and does beautiful work and so I'm blessed on many many levels.

we've been doing a lot of cabinetry so we have the large table saw we have a sliding saw we have the router table which is set up for 4 different routers as well as the dovetail jig we have the bandsaw a huge compressor that if you're standing too close when it comes on it will startle you. I've probably missed something but it is a but I would consider it complete shop but my boss says that he's not done yet so its not complete to him.



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Sweet shop Jami!
Thanks for sharing!