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Ok folks, after two years of planning and gathering tools some of which have been donated by some very nice people because of my many conditions and I am eternally grateful to them, the shop is starting to come together. I helped my landlord install a drain tile last fall, which has stopped the flooding in the basement and he helped me epoxy the floor in October of this year, which was the last step that I need to start putting things together.

Granted there are still quite a bit of infrastructure needed for this to fully come to fruition and I am still hoping that Lowes will be able to help me out, but for some reason they keep giving me the runaround. So, I put a call into the district manager who has helped me in the past when dealing with another one of his stores and trying to get this donation thing handled. He told me that if I had any more problems in the future to give him a call, so here's hoping he can straighten this out.

I've had a lot of repairs and cleaning to do to the equipment that I have acquired and still need to restore the larger cast iron equipment, but I need Hammerite paint for that project.



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Things are changing and coming together. I think it's time for me to start posting some projects for you guys.