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Workshop Information

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Ok - heres some shots of my bootleg workshop/home office. Its a work in progress, but I figure I should post it here in its current state for 2 reasons;
1. Inspire a speedy recovery from neck surgery (I cant pick up anything heavier than a #3 plane for 6 weeks - time to plan, design and dream).
2. Your input will help me improve it. This is the most creative bunch of folks Ive seen in a long time.

Space Notes 13.3×15.3 feet! A little loft storage above you can see some see my drying some beech, persimmons and a 2×10 up there. Ladder also normally goes up there (when I am allowed to lift things).

Current Setup All work tables are derived from the fantastic Lockwatcher Easy Workshop tables:

I credit his easy tables with giving me the inspiration to transform this space from storage into a shop. Following his advice, choosing good quartersawn sections from dimensional lumber (plus liberal amounts of titebond III) resulted in some heavy duty tables. My brother and father were amazed at how sturdy the bandsaw/drillpress table is. The bench sketchup shown is simply a larger version of his work tables, with double leg sections at each corner. I created an excel doc that adjusts the dimensions needed for all work table components, based on the desired end state. Check out the pics below for input/output screenies.

Future Setup My end state vision is a variety of modular shop tables, that will butt up against the base of the rear wall, and the back parts of the left and right walls. (office is against front wall, you can see part of it). To the left of the 2 french cleats you see in the rear corner, I would like to place my wood storage racks to gain back some of the corner I've lost to lumber.

Bench Notes I have all the components for my bench; 2 vises, the 4 quarter panels that will make up the top, and the legs, but I will not be able to assemble them until the spring. I also have to create the 'flippable' maple dividers with Persimmons top rails. Until I get my homework done, at least I am less enraged about the bed that is sitting where the bench will go! The sketch up design will be modified so that wheeled tables can be pushed under the work bench.

Thanks for any input or advice you can provide. The following projects are on the radar post work-bench:
1. Grinding Sharpening Stand (de-rust/electroylis storage here also). To fit under workbench
2. Add drop down/hinged second router top to Router Table. I have an extra phenolic top
3. Give Bandsaw & Drill Press thier own carts. With lift functionality, to take full advantage of the radial DP feature
5. Decide where the planer cart will go, if it should be combined with base of bandsaw stand. if not, under workbench

This will never be a high output shop - but any advice you have on best utilizing my walls going forward will be much appreciated - the more assembly room I have, the better. And I have to work in there (40+ hours a week) so being able to push the shop stuff against the walls frees up some space for my brain to work.

As a side note, I added labels on all my crates and boxes so she could find what she needed - this, plus the addition of a Tool Return Bin, has resulted in much happiness on both sides of the fence. She knows where things are, I know where things are when they arent where they are supposed to be.

Hurry up spinal fusion!



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I hope that your neck mends and it looks like you are off to a good start on your shop.