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Hi Everybody, this is my first post on LJ.

I`ve made the chessboard a while ago with the plan, at the time, to just frame it with a nice wood and use it as a regular board to teach my children the game. I then later decided to add some legs so you can sit at the couch when playing, that's when I decided to make the round table. My brother-in-law convinced me that adding legs would actually restrict usage of the table if you want to play at the dining table after meals etc. In hindsight I`ll be adding legs later which can easily be removed from the bottom when needed and then replaced when done.

As the initial board was ± 18mm thick I routed a recess of about 9mm deep into the table, inlayed the board and then removed the excess with a belt sander to make it flush with the table top, then inlayed the trim around the board. It was finished with a couple of coats of clear polywax sealer sanded between coats with fine steel wool.

Woods used was Blackwood (Acacia) for the table, Jacaranda and African Rosewood for the board squares and African Walnut for the trimming strip. The chest pieces was hand carved in India and is made from Golden Rosewood and Boxwood.

As a newcomer to woodworking with lots of experience to gain I`LL welcome any critique positive or negative.

I don't know if its allowed on this site but I just want to finish by saying that since joining LJ I`m HUGELY inspired by the talent displayed here daily and I "borrow" a great deal of the knowledge, ideas an tips from you guys (and girls) that have obviously spent countless hours behind the workbench. Salute!

Thank you for taking the time to look at my post.



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Gorgeous. I love the way some projects just grow!