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This is another project for the summer camp I work at. It is a sign board that displays the pictures/cell phone numbers of our 3 staff hosts on duty, it has two 8.5×11 frames for general group information/schedule, and it has a weatherproof literature box to hold our camp maps.

This is one of two identical signs that I made. They hang in two different areas on camp.

A local sign company printed the main board, which is a vinyl sticker with white text over brown background applied to a piece of 1/4 "scooter board" (basically a cross between MDF and melamine). They printed the text according to a specific layout I gave them.

I then framed the entire sign in a dadoed and chamfered 3"x3" pine frame. I also used off-the-shelf acrylic sign holders (basically a piece of acrylic folded into a U shape) and cut them down to size for the top 3 slots, and used full size ones for the lower 2. The literature box is also from the same acrylic supplier. I bolted these frames to the sign board with stainless machine screws and nylock nuts.

The oak frames are 1/2" thick x 1" wide and are glued together with half-lap joints. The underside of each frame has a rabbet that allows the frame to completely cover the open edges of the acrylic holders. This keeps a clean look and helps keep water and debris out of the acrylic. I then drilled 1/2" holes from the back of each frame at each half-lap joint. I inserted 1/2" x 1/8" rare earth magnets into each one and placed the frame over the acrylic. I then aligned another magnet to the frame magnets from the back of the sign board (really the magnet does all the work by finding the correct location when placed in the general area). I drew a circle around where the magnet landed, added superglue to the circle, and then dropped the magnet back in the circle. The frames hold great, yet are not too difficult to pull away from the signboard to change the information inside each frame. Also, the magnets auto align the frame to sit just where I want it over the acrylic.

This was a fun project involving several different materials, and it was my first project using rare earth magnets. The hardest parts were: the half lap joints on the 3-wide top frames, and simply aligning everything so that things were spaced correctly and that the frames were square to each other and to the text.



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Cool idea with the magnets. Great job!