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OK, don't laugh! It is what it is for now… this is obviously NOT a workshop…

It's a corner of my basement that will be my workshop for another couple of years, until my daughter is out of high school and then we'll be moving someplace and I'll hopefully have a REAL workshop… Now that my boys are out of Scouts (very time consuming) and sports and on to college, I'm just beginning to have some time, so going to start with building a table saw cabinet and a slide saw station and then move on from there…

All of it will be portable and modular so that I can move it to a REAL workshop at some point in the future…



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no way bud i never laugh at members that participate and show us who they may be modest now but youll be surprised how fast it will grow into what you want.and as it grows you have all the help and resources needed to get there,just ask and someone will be there.i hope you enjoy it here.welcome to lumber jocks.

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Growing your family is a much more important job than any shop… you will have the time, when the boys get out of college you'll have the money…...great start….stay dedicated.

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Rather than accumulate machinery that you don't really have room for, treat this time in your life, and your limitations on shop space, as an opportunity to become hand tool proficient.

There is nothing wrong with learning joinery techniques, even how to hand cut dovetails. Becoming proficient with saws, chisels, and handplanes are skills that will stay with you and even be beneficial when you eventually have a large shop full of power tools.

A workbench with shoulder and tail vices will serve you well now and into the future as well.

You might check out Christopher Schwarz's "Lost Art Press".

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I agree with 8iowa. Learn to work with hand tools and then add power when you have space. Nice to see another central Indiana folk on here and a scouter. I am both things. Happy woodworking.