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Wood And Materials Used
pear, plum
Tools Used
Hand tools
A project I realized one year ago.

The scroll saw or bow saw "Howarth Bowsaw" dates from the middle of the 18th century. It was discovered at a meeting of the "Mid-West Tool Collectors Association". Since then, it has been the subject of extensive research, X-rays, articles, CDs, videos and directing courses.
I decided to attempt it and to start I realized the digital plans that allow me to print them to scale to stick them on the pieces of wood to shape them.

Bill Anderson offers a CD to help make this little jewel and sells brass axes and blades.
The realization is a bit of a goldsmith’s work, it’s all by hand and you must be very precise.
It starts with the choice of wood, I opted for pear and plum for the handles. It is hard, homogeneous and aesthetic which does not spoil anything. The fibers must follow the curvature of the arms for strength.

At first the different pieces are squared, cut for the arms, then the lugs and mortises, drilling for the axes and inserting reinforcements across the ends of the arms.

Then it is the shaping, for some pieces using the planes glued on the faces, work by stages with scissors, scraper, spokeshave, files, sandpaper.

We follow with the turning of the sleeves previously drilled to 1/4 inch as were the arms.
The holes are adjusted with a tapered bore. Unlike the current frame saws, the axles do not have a stop on the arms but catch in the holes, which ensures their firm hold.

To finish, linseed oil and shellac.
A nice project to test its know-how!
Attention not everything is said in this small presentation, without the advice of Bill Anderson I would not have obtained this result.​