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A dovetail alignment jig is used to transfer tails to pins in hand-cut dovetails. The same jig can be used to make dominoed drawers. Here are the basic steps:

1 - Secure mating boards to jig (for 6mm dominoes, set depth to 28mm for 3/4" stock)-pretend no mortises in the image
2 - Plunge to mortise in tight setting
3 - Remove side; reset depth to 20mm and mortise face board (endgrain) again
4 - Dry fit
5 - Glue, clamp and check for square
6 - Six new jigs (bases) are ready. Fences will be added.

Original use:



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Never thought of exposed dominos cool idea. Now Festool will have to sell dominos in walnut, bloodwood etc.!

I am not sure how your jig works. A video would be very helpful.

good idea and thanks for posting

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Sipo tenons work for lighter wood. Some make their own tenons.