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Three more Hope / Blanket Chests

These three Hope / Blanket Chests are made from Alder. The chests are lined with 5/16" thick Tongue & Groove Aromatic Cedar closet liner. Plans were modified from Woodcraft #FD-162 item #151551. 13/16" thick select random widths and lengths Alder was purchased in N.E. Alabama. Closet liner came from Home Depot. Hardware came from Rockler and Amazon. 1/16" x 1/2" PSA White felt and levelers came from McMaster-Carr. Minwax Pre-Stain Wood conditioner with Red Mahogany #225 from our local hardware store. One gallon of Sherwin Williams Brushed CAB Acrylic Lacquer was purchased from the local Sherwin Williams store.

Modifying the drawing required a different material list and cut list versus our previous African Cherry raised panel Hope / Blanket chest project. These three chests used flat ¼" thick birch plywood panel inserts. Instead of mortise joinery we used the Kreg pocket hole system to assemble the chest carcass.
To eliminate the tongue and groove chest corners we substitute a locking miter joint at each corner using a Grizzly C2125 - Double Lock Miter Shaper Cutter.

10' x 13/16" thick Alder boards were laid out and chalked with parts sizes to minimize waste. We found spending the extra time on layout helped reduce our waste from 20% to 5+%.

Jointing one edge then crosscutting or ripping each 10' board for assigned parts allowed us to reduce loss from cupping, twisting and bowing. We fed all parts through our 15" Grizzly Widebelt sander starting with 60 grit and progressing to 150 grit for a final thickness of 3/4".

We did a mortise for the lock and strike plate and drilled for the keyhole. Finally we had our wood parts ready to shape, join, groove, and rabbet. We used heated hide glue to join all the parts.

The aromatic cedar closet lining was attached to the top and the chest interior with hide glue and wire brads. The cedar was cut to accommodate the hinges. Special 105 degree slow motion closer was installed at each end to save little fingers.

After staining, spraying and rubbing out the final top coat the brass escutcheon was attached over the key hole.
Since this was for my wood buddy's granddaughters we lasered into a section of the aromatic cedar under the top each of their names.



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Nice work. Thanks for posting.

I am hearing "Alder" from folks in many parts of the country these days. I had always thought of it from the Mountain, to the Pacific NW of our fine country. I can only find it pre-dimensioned at Menards, too rich for my blood that way. So I am still on Maple, and Poplar for a good, low cost wood. It's interesting how that changes all around the country.

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These are very nice chests.

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Very nice chests