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Project Information

A homemade air filter using a 20" x 25" MERS 10 filter based on a blower with a 1/3 HP shaded pole motor. It's purpose is to collect fine air-borne particulates from my basement shop and/or garage shop (during woodworking). It is unique because it can fit between ceiling/floor joints above my head. I designed it in Sketchup Make and made it from 1/2" Russian Baltic Birch.

Here's a 4 minute youtube video I made about it. My first. {My son already gave me "feedback" on the audio and video quality. I will improve on that.}

My youtube video

This air filter is basically a box with a squirrel-cage fan inside sucking air through a furnace style filter (MERS 10). I got the fan for $40 used from craigslist.

The unit can be mounted between the floor joists in my basement ceiling -or- rolled around the garage when I am out there. I added some Harbor Freight casters (from a $7.99 moving dolly) after the video was taken. I even roll it around inside my house to purify the air in various rooms. Some of us have a dust allergy.

Perhaps I will post the Sketchup file if people show interest (and I figure out how to post a file).



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That is a great way to clean the shop's air and many Lumberjockers have done similar constructs. Well worth the effort.

My own that I have used for about 20 years is from a large furnace blower and I mounted it in a rolling cabinet which also has storage in the bottom and a sharpening center on the top. Because I heat my shop with a wood stove the blower serves a dual purpose and blows over the stove to better circulate the heat.