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I bought my Porter-Cable scroll saw model PDB370SS back in 2012 and have put quite a few hours on it.

A few months ago, I noticed the plastic knob you turn to hold the tilting table in place no longer worked. It was irritating because if you slightly push on the right hand side of the table, it suddenly rotated to the right.

I tore it apart today and found the culprit was a steel shaft pressed into the plastic know, that had broken the plastic inside the knob.

I was able to reuse the original steel shaft, and fabricated a new Hickory knob on my old 1939 Montgomery Wards wood lathe. I epoxied the new Hickory knob to the steel shaft and I have nuts on each end that are fully tightened also.

Hopefully the scroll saw will keep running for many more years :)

For more details on this project, see my woodworking web site using this link.




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nice fix Dale I will have to remember that trick GREAT FIX :<))

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You did great to revive a broken part.