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If you are looking for an exact replica of the hard-to-find antique Puller Downers, you've come to the right spot.

Material Options:
  1. Maple wood Puller Downer
  2. Poplar wood Puller Downer
  3. Black Walnut wood Puller Downer

Four Sizes Available:
  1. Kid's Hat Size
  2. Small Size
  3. Medium Size
  4. Large Size

Items Available for Immediate Purchase at
ARE LISTED IN MY ETSY.COM ONLINE SHOP, click here to check inventory

Email me: [email protected]
website name:


Here is Hat Maker Tom Gomez of Premier Panama Hats showing how he uses my Puller Downer Tool to make a Straw Body Hat.

Here is a link to Tom's ebay Store

More Hatmaking Tool Videos from Tom Gomez:
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Project Story:

In support of the custom hat makers, I have been asked to complete a product called a "Puller Downer."

This tool is a boomerang shaped device that is used to pull the felt down tight during the blocking process. I've never done it, just had it demonstrated to me.

The old "Puller Downer" is a hard tool to find, and most of the time they are broken, or worn out, or splintering, which makes it difficult to use on the soft surface of an expensive hat.

So, a couple of artisan hat makers asked me to make an up-to-date version of the "Puller Downer" so that they could use it in their custom hat making work.

Here is a photo showing the old Antique pine wood Puller Downer on the far left, with my new Puller Downers made in Hard Maple in the middle, and White Birch on the far right.

Here is a closer view of my "signature" abalone dot, that I am putting on all of my hatmaking tools, just because it looks good to me.


Artisan Hat Tools by Mark DeCou Studio
(Do you want to see More? Just follow these links):

ARE LISTED IN MY ETSY.COM ONLINE SHOP, click here to check inventory

Rounding Jacks, Collector's Editions:
  1. Ebonized Walnut Clockwise with Laser Engraving
  2. Walnut Counter Clockwise w/Laser Engraving
  3. Walnut Uni-Directional Cutter

Rounding Jacks, Deluxe Model:
  1. Maple Deluxe Model, Counter Clockwise Cutter
  2. Maple Deluxe Model, Clockwise Cutter
  3. Walnut Deluxe, Counter Clockwise Cutter
  4. Walnut Deluxe, Clockwise Cutter

Rounding Jacks, Hobbyist-Hatter Model:
  1. Walnut Hobbyist-Hatter Model, Counter Clockwise Cutter
  2. Walnut Hobbyist-Hatter Model, Clockwise Cutter

Bench-Top Display Stands for Rounding Jacks:
  1. Walnut Bench-Top Display Stand
  2. Oak Bench-Top Display Stand
    Click here to check inventory

Customized Rounding Jacks, Personalized for Specific Hatters:
  1. Spradley Hats in Apline, TX
  2. Rachel Pollock of La Bricoleuse
  3. Brainpan Hat Shop in Sumner, WA
  4. Steve Delk's Adventurebilt Hat Co.
  5. Marc Kitter's Adventurebilt Hat Co.
  6. Pyrate Trading Co.
  7. Hatman Jack at Wichita Hat Works
  8. Inaaya Hat Co.
  9. Penman Hat Co.

Formillons & Conformateurs:
  1. Complete Restoration of a Maillard Conformateur and Formillon
  2. New DeCou Formillion & Conformer, Prototypes #1 & #2
  3. Custom Designed Conformateur Carrying & Storage Case
  4. New Plot Base Board for the Maillard Allie Formillon
  5. Maple Wrench for Tightening Formillon Thumbnuts

Foot Tollikers:
  1. Left-Handed & Right-Handed Foot Tolliker
  2. Foot Tolliker: Elk Antler & Birch Wood, on a Display Stand
  3. Foot Tolliker: Walnut Wood, on a Display Stand
  4. Foot Tollikers: Three in White Birch Wood
  5. Foot Tollikers: Walnut Wood Set of Four
  6. Foot Tollikers, Birch Wood Double Set, on Display Stand

Brim Edge Curling Tools:
  1. Hinge-Shackle Curling Tool for the Homburg Hat
  2. Full Circle Shackle Curling Tool
  3. Half Circle Shacking Curling Tool
  4. Groove Tolliker Curing Tool

Band Blocks:
  1. Thick Poplar Wood, Various Sizes and Oval Shapes, with Tapered Sides

Crown Blocks
  1. Long Oval Crown Block Sculpting Work

Hat Block Spinners:
  1. Late Turned Hat Block Spinners

Flange Stands:
  1. Heavy Duty Flange Stands

Puller Downers:
  1. Puller Downers

Pusher Downers:
  1. Pusher Downers

Hat Racks, Hat Stands, & Cedar Band Blocks:
  1. Hat Racks to keep oval shapes

Stainless Steel Slip Stick:
  1. "Coming Soon", please check back.

(Note:This project story, project design, and photos are protected by copyright in 2008-2010 by the Author, M.A.DeCou., all rights reserved, no use allowed without expressed written permission.)



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Once again you are spot on. You make it and they will come.

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Looks great Mark. I don't know if a stampede of buyers will come, but there has got to be quite a few.

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Makes me wonder how much I'd pay for a table saw if they became obsolete and were no longer manufactuerd. Hmmmmm

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Way to go Mark, you've found another niche market. Too cool. When I was a kid we use to make hillbilly hats out of old felt hats by getting them wet and stretching them to a point. Stupid, but we thought it was cool at the time. mike

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Mike: the hat niche found me. I was just in the right place at the right time to be asked to make something that a hatmaker couldn't find. That posting on LJ, was found by others on the internet, and then more hatmakers emailed. They are a fun group to work with, passionate about their craft, and looking for the custom tools that they need to do the work.

The Puller Down is a pretty simple tool from a woodworking standpoint, but getting the right shape, now, that's the trick. Notice there weren't any good photos of the shape, or anything to calibrate the view? Hmm, I'm tricky.


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If you develope a following in the hat making business / hobby it would be nice since it doesn't require much in the way of materials or space to do it.

Your signature dot is hard to read though. I couldn't even see the letters. LOL



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love the "signature" embellishment