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Project Information

Made of reclaimed Old growth Walnut from a library in this 1934 mansion that we remodeled.

My father in law, Jim loved to play golf. He retired in 1992 and moved to a beautiful country golf community next to a lake in Keowee Key, South Carolina where we spent many vacations together.

He past away 3 years ago. But I remember many things about him that made me who I am today.

A poem for father's day

A father comes in many forms
the man you want to be
If we could have a dream in hand
a Dad would stand by thee
A father wants to show the way
to tell him of his love
He wants to be the best Dad
As taught by God above
But sometimes things don't work out
A generation running blind
How do fathers stand their ground
when a son leaves faith behind
It didn't matter to my Father in law
He saw a man in waiting
He taught me by example
and rescued me from hating
I wish my real Dad could see me now
I turned out far from bad
It doesn't matter anyway
Jim to me… was the best Dad….
I could have ever had.

Happy Fathers Day Jim

Please feel free to share pictures of your dad if you like. Peace.



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Funny I should read this post just now - my wife and I were talking about my father, Alf Johnson, over lunch just minutes ago!

Her words: "He was a very special man!"

Here he is, in a composite created from a photo' taken in North Africa with the Royal Artillery during WWII

Thanks for the opportunity to post his pic.


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Smiles from me. Happy Father's Day to all, here and gone.

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I would like to add my Best Wishes to all the Jocks out there at are fathers and wish them the best today!!

Funny too that I am making my Grandson a golf ball rack, yours is very nice and the story is wonderful!!

Thanks for Sharing!

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Hi Mark,
Thank you for these wonderful words.
I was crying as I read them, and I think both your fathers would the same.
I have had the luck to meet many wonderful fathers in my life, and I tried from all of these to find the best in what I wished for in a father, and try to pass this to my daughter now.
Best thoughts,